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Welcome to RWS Insurance Services, LLC.  If you're a home buyer, these are some of the best home inspectors in America - all offering real protection to you! 


If you're a home inspector, check out these testimonials with real quotes and rates from RWS Insurances Services, LLC for inspectors all over the U.S.  Click on the get a quote link above to join thousands of inspectors saving millions of dollars (cumulatively of course) off their professional liability when they make the switch to the market leader and if you'd like to be featured here send a line or two about your experience thus far, and the rate details as seen below to or leave a review so we can promote you here and elsewhere and help us spread the word about creating better client experience while reducing overhead simultaneously.


Our Typical Testimonials:

"When another quote came in at $6638.00 from one of the other leading providers in the industry, we got a quote from RWS Insurance Services.  It was only $2520.00 for the whole year at our multi-inspector firm.  Saving money while delivering a higher level of service allows us to do even more for our valued clients."​

- Jon & Bobbi Lynn Bolton

Inspectagator | Orlando, FL |

"Our previous carrier’s renewal quote was $27,000.00 with a $1 million limit.  We made the switch to RWS Insurance Services and our annual expenses, all in, are now under $10,000.00 with a $3 million limit.  While savings are great, our true reason for the switch was better support that eliminates claims before they even happen. We save over $17,000.00 per Year with RWS Insurance Services!" 


- Cat & Rob Lemoine

Residential Inspector of America | Buford, GA |

"In 2020, we paid over $6000 a year for E&O Insurance.  While we continued to grow, our insurer stopped offering coverage.  Now with an even larger company and going from $1 million in aggregate coverage to $3 million in coverage we still reduced our annual rate to $3800 per year with RWS Insurance Services.."

- Troy Pappas

Safe House Home Inspections | Virginia Beach, VA |

"RWS Insurance Services just saved me over $5000.00 per year with three times

the coverage of my last plan.  Easy decision!"


- Joe Kelley 

Avalon Home Inspections, Inc. | McDonough, GA |

"Switching to RWS Insurance Services was a slam dunk!  We increased our coverage by millions and reduced our premium by thousands.  The best part for our company is the way they work with The Inspector Services Group giving our company an edge in the marketplace and additional revenue opportunities as well.  In the words of MC Hammer, “can’t touch this!”


- Wally Conway

Jacksonville, FL |

"RWS Insurance Services saved us over $20,000.00 per year in 2021 over our previous rates from 2020 when we were half our size!  In reality, our savings for 2021 is likely well over $30,000.00 and we’re dealing with a company that has our back!"


- Shawn Rossbach

Max Home Inspections | Florida / Texas |

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